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Request for Charity Christmas Gifts from Victoria Mulhearn

Request for Charity Christmas Gifts from Victoria Mulhearn

My heart has opened for Lendrick to be a drop off point for xmas gifts for children up to teenagers, to support numerous other charities. So my lovelies if your heart moves too then we need new gifts for babies up to teenagers.

My main focus though is teens as I feel they often get missed and lets face it this is an age they need love and security. So any gifts (they need to be new) can get posted or dropped off to me at Lendrick Lodge by the second week in December. You can send them to: Victoria Mulhearn, Lendrick Lodge, Brig O’ Turk (A821), Callander, Scotland, FK17 8HR.

I willl then deliver them to the distribution centre. It can be books, lego, music, amazon vouchers, toys, colouring in, anything that your heart moves towards. And of course you can always ask your friends too!

Thank you for your love and time. Victoria xxx

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