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The Rose That Refuses To Give Up

The Rose That Refuses To Give Up

I have passed this rose, growing from the side of Lendrick Lodge for months now. It has experienced winter, below-zero temperatures, frosts, storms, snow and the passing of the seasons in which roses normally blossom and wither.
It refuses to give up, whilst others around it have.

Today, as I walk to my working space, I see its passionate red colour and it makes me smile. I have been finishing a documentary film that I hope will help people find their inner courage and passion to follow their dreams.
As January approaches and the possibilities of a New Year beckon, I enter my fourth year of working on this dream. I was sure it would have been complete two years ago.

However, as we all know, our manifesting dreams do not always conform to our timetable. The rose has inspired me not to give up. When I have had a set back or loss of confidence the rose has helped me to dust myself down and stand back up.

Today the sky is blue.
The early morning sun, with a rusty gold coloured light, burns off the clouds.
It’s a sweet December day in The Trossachs of Scotland.
There is hope in the air. The rose reminds me that we can never give up.

As I move my attention to our course that begins tonight, I feel the excitement of those coming for both the 4-day event and the firewalk on New Years Eve. For the last 14 years, these gatherings at New Year have been the fertile soil for people to plant seeds of hope. I have witnessed so many miracles coming true following this gathering. People manifesting their dreams, healings happening, loving partnerships found, businesses began and hearts are expressed in almost every way possible…

On New Years Eve, each person here will speak out a positive sentence of what his or her dreams are around the ceremonial fire. The ritual that follows will help to set those dreams on fire! Everyone here will be rooting for those dreams. The vibe will be ecstatic, loving and filled to the brim with determination!

We would love to support you to manifest your dreams and hopes on this New Year’s Eve.

Please write one positive sentence that is the essence of what your dream is for 2014 and beyond. Also put your name below the sentence. We will read, energise and root for every person. Your wish will be heard and the magic of this ancient ritual will flow with your dreams.

Thank you for allowing us to support your dreams.

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