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The unfolding with Second Degree Reiki

The unfolding with Second Degree Reiki

By Victoria Mulhearn It’s 3.30a.m and I have been awake for half an hour awoken with a gentle menopausal flush. I automatically enfold myself with my arms as I facilitate the flow of reiki into…

By Victoria Mulhearn

It’s 3.30a.m and I have been awake for half an hour awoken with a gentle menopausal flush. I automatically enfold myself with my arms as I facilitate the flow of reiki into my body. It is during the stillness of these hours that I contemplate the many blessings that Reiki has bought into my life.

If I happen to awake in the night there is no need for agitation or concern. This is now the perfect time to bathe myself in the healing light of reiki. It will either then return me gently to sleep or as in this occasion awaken the creative flow.

First Degree Reiki is an incredible time of awakening and change. Once you have eased either your own, or someone else’s sufferings, either in the form of physical difficulties, mental or emotional distress, your whole way of thinking and acting changes. The potentiality of what you can now offer both yourself and your loved ones open up before you. The tapestry of your life is indeed richer and deeper.

With continued practice and reflection you will look back and notice how the little things simply don’t bother you the way they used to. How your awareness of the daily decisions you make impact both you and the world around you. How in any given moment you have a choice. Will I act with love or fear? Will I forgive and let go or will I keep revisiting the same story strengthening the emotional response of blame and hurt with each recollection. The emotion of guilt lessens as you remember that this is only causes more qi stagnations. Apologise, take responsibility for your own actions and speech and vow to the best of your ability to do it better next time.

As your compassion grows so does your shopping choice. Buying ethically and second hand becomes a norm. You take more care of what you eat and reduce the amount of chemicals you expose yourself to. Often your wardrobe becomes much more colourful and brighter as a reflection of the inner subtle changes as your energy field becomes more refined and aligned with love. We remember it’s the internal world of our thoughts, which is mirrored in our outside experiences, not the other way round. Learning to control our minds and therefore what we create is one of the most powerful gifts that reiki can bring into our lives.

And so you may wonder, why go deeper with Second Degree? Consider First Degree as a gift of the most beautifully crafted container made completely of love. Now see Second Degree as the endless possibilities of the gift inside the container.

Perhaps to talk you through a normal day of mine may give you an insight of its blessings. I’m driving to school an ambulance passes me by. I immediately release all the reiki symbols that you are blessed with at Second Degree to clear the traffic, to protect the people in need and to facilitate the healing that is required. This is done in seconds and I then return to listening to my child.

One of my children may express concern about either schoolwork or friendship dynamics. Again I send the Reiki out to clear confusion, to draw to my child whatever is needed to support them with their day. I can relax and so does my child, knowing that they are fully supported by Reiki. There is no need for any unnecessary worry. I send this energy out to all children who are experiencing this.

This again can be done whilst I’m driving. The power of Second Degree is that it can be released immediately whenever required without the need for hands on. You can positively influence any situation you happen to find yourself in. Once again removing the need to worry. Remember the reiki principal- Just for today do not worry.

Later that day I happen to read the newspaper. A story moves my heart. I release the reiki symbols to support this person’s journey. Often I cut out the photographs of those in need or who have died and send healing like I would if my hands were on the person, except this time I’m holding their photo. Once finished I have the Reiki symbols being released around this person at every instance so that Reiki is constantly flowing to them. Again I connect this to all people in this situation.

Yesterday as a group of staff and volunteers we all collectively did a practice for those who had committed suicide. I held the photos whilst releasing reiki and we all engaged in a practice to facilitate the souls passing. Every one of us knew of someone who had taken their lives, some recent, some far back. The point is we each felt that we had been able to connect to these beings and positively assist them. We can do this with any photograph. To be able to send reiki to people we know and love, plus strangers who are in need.

As I write this and our beautiful dog is curled up beside me I remember how I wrote a reiki programme using the symbols to draw to me the best dog for our family and Lendrick. She is our dream dog, happy, loving, social and a bundle of joy!

I have numerous programmes running energetically to support both my own unfolding and all those around me. The Reiki easing the way ahead making it easier for me and others to navigate. Of course challenges appear, this is the nature of life, but they are more manageable. It’s as if all unnecssary obstacles are removed leaving only that which needs to be experienced and this again is helped with the infinite wisdom and energy of Reiki.

Before Second Degree time may have been spent worrying about life. After second degree you do something, freeing up your mind and your life force for more meaningful activities.

I could go on. As I said the gifts are limitless. 20 years I have woven Reiki into my life and without a doubt it is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself others and the world. It is collectively together we change the vibrational frequency of our planet. We, through our choices, our actions and words, imprint and shape our world. So what are you waiting for?

The next Reiki Level Two courses at Lendrick Lodge are on 30th June to 2nd July and 1st to 3rd December.


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