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Lendrick Lodge Virtual Gallery Celebrating Life!

Lendrick Lodge Virtual Gallery Celebrating Life!

So much of the focus in our world right now is around suffering, uncertainty and the next new crisis to be anxious about. It’s difficult for all of us to keep focused on what’s beautiful in our world. To support our community to focus on ‘what’s good about life’, and ‘where there is beauty in nature’ and what ‘magical imagery can be birthed from our heart’, we are launching the ‘Lendrick Lodge Virtual Gallery Celebrating Life’.

It’s time to highlight, celebrate and energise our creative gifts. So, you have between now and the 26th of October to present your piece of visual work inspired by the themes highlighted above. It can be a photograph, painting, drawing, mandala…

Step 1. Post your presentation (1 per person max) on the Lendrick Lodge Community page with a wee bit of text describing your inspiration or opportunity that made it possible. Your work must be brand new and not taken or created before this virtual gallery.

Step 2. Email a single jpeg file to info@lendricklodge.com with the subject heading,‘Lendrick Lodge Virtual Gallery Celebrating Life, your name’.

Add a single short sentence that includes your name, name for the piece and the location it was created at. For example, for a photograph: Joan Bresson. Morning Sunrise, Big Sur California. Or let’s say it was an abstract painting, your single sentence could be, Henri Forbes, Symbols of light, Dublin. No more than 10 words please.

There will be no competition. Every piece of work, as long as it meets the requirements above, will be included. The virtual gallery will go live on the 31st October 2020. This is us as a community celebrating all our diverse and unlimited talents and gifts. To add some extra fun; everyone who presents a piece of work will be added into a raffle draw. Prizes include: A weekend course at Lendrick Lodge, a year’s membership to Seeing The Magic Academy, and individual coaching sessions from myself (Stephen), from Victoria of Lendrick Lodge and also from Peggy Dylan of Sundoor.

Set your intention, enjoy conjuring, take time, be open to surprise and join us as we celebrate what’s good about life. Love you, Stephen and all the team at Lendrick Lodge


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