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On the Edge of Spring!

On the Edge of Spring!

What a year we have all had in the last 12 months.

Talk about building up our hopes and then being disappointed by events beyond our control.

Here at Lendrick Lodge, way back in a distant universe just a year ago, we, like you, thought the pandemic would only last a few months. It must have been over optimism because the warnings were there. With no one being able to come to courses we did what many did: painted doors, did those repairs that had never made it to the top of the list before, made the place extra beautiful for your return…

We thought it would be smart to get some additional outdoor recycled seating and we made other changes; excitement for welcoming people back was growing. Next there was the vast requirements to make the place Covid-Secure. This was a massive undertaking and a big investment when we had no income, but we wanted to do our best to make Lendrick as safe as possible. Having two staff who were ex-staff nurses was really handy!

We thought about all the NHS staff working so hard and putting themselves at risk. We contacted the large hospital near us and set up a weekly delivery of Lendrick Lodge food goodies. We were all like Santa’s little elves making the food gifts. This was in the early days of Covid and not many were doing it at that point, so it meant a lot to the nurses, doctors and staff. Some of the NHS staff sent some letters of gratitude; one that sticks in our memory was the surgeon who spoke about the delight of eating ‘Lendrick Lodge Bliss Balls’ before operating.

We had brief spells where we were permitted to open our doors over the last year. Those rare courses were deeply healing for attendees. For all of us who live here, who have made a commitment to do this work, it felt a relief to be able to be in service again. It felt like Lendrick Lodge was breathing again, beaming out its healing love and joy. And what a joy to hear laughter once more!

We needed to be able to simultaneously reach our whole community, many of who were unable to travel. So Victoria and I put many courses online. Like many of you, we were unsure if the same magic that comes through here at Lendrick would spark, it did. In ways all of us were surprised by. The feedback was a reassuring, to know that we could still empower and support you to love life OVER ZOOM was a blessing.

As we have a mission to support our community’s creative gifts, I came up with the idea of building a Virtual Gallery. It would both give our community a way to share their creative/artistic gifts and with the requirement that the photograph or painting had to focus on ‘what’s good about life’, it felt like a great way to keep all of us positive. That idea never found wings. Only three people sent in work. Thank you to those three! As I never do anything by half measures and was going to put a lot of hours into creating it, I decided that I needed to let go of that idea as there was not enough people drawn to display in this way. I think we all had ideas and hopes in the last year that never came to light?

However, Spring is in the air and new hope comes with it this time. We, like you, are excited about the prospect of new beginnings. All going well, we should be able to re-open here in Scotland on the 26th of April. We have a huge marquee that will sit in the grounds to enable outdoor ventilated teaching as well as our normal indoor spaces. We intend to make the new normal blooming brilliant! As flowers burst through the soil ready to open up, we have created the space for you to do the same.

Lets get ready to come together in our shared spiritual ‘home from home’. As the countdown begins for Lendrick Lodge’s Spring 2021 Reopening, let us share magical moments we had via the Lendrick Lodge Community page. Post your healing/magical/funny/tender moments or ‘the moments’ rooted into your heart. Let’s populate facebook with photos, videos and stories from our shared joys at Lendrick Lodge.

As we honour the past, we build a bridge to a happier future.

Stephen, Victoria and all your spirited sisters and brothers who cant wait to love you deeper in the heart of The Beloved.

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